2006 – Select shop

Ran a select shop in East Osaka. There, we sold a wide range of products such as Seditionaries and SEX Original, Worlds End, reproduction made by A STORE ROBOT. Vivienne Westwood, Maison Martin Margiela, Raf Simons , and other imported brands. We sold them. We also dealt in a lot of vintage Clothing that became the roots of the designers of those brands.


2009 – 2015 CUE inc.

At that time, many of the customers of the select shop were musicians, so we produced goods for them. The company has introduced silk screen printing equipment and has been operating as a studio since 2009. The company has also introduced silk screen printing equipment and has been operating as a studio since 2009. I founded a design studio CUE inc with a graphic designer friend.


2010 – Production of merchandise for Artists / CUE inc.

Involved in the production of Japan Tour of Darren Emerson, the former member of Underworld. He has been in charge of producing goods for JUNO REACTOR and DELTA (X-DREAM), DJ HELL. , CARL CRAIG, CASSIUS, PHIL HARTNOLL (ORBITAL), etc. FUJIROCK FESTIVAL 11, WOMB ADVENTURE and other domestic festivals.

by Peter Hook, a member of the legendary post-punk band JOY DIVISION. Tribute Event FAC 51 THE HACIENDA to be held in Tokyo and Osaka in March 2011 Scheduled to be performed by felix the house cat, Basement Jaxx and others JOY DIVISION and CUE unveil collaborative t-shirts at the legendary event However, the event was cancelled due to the Great East Japan Earthquake.

2011 – Production of merchandise for Comics / CUE inc.

Produced collaboration T-shirts for Osamu Tezuka’s early SF trilogy “Lost World”, “Metropolis”, “The World to Come”, which presented at BEAMS T MANGART. As well as Osamu Tezuka’s short story “Clockwork Apples”. Later on, he was in charge of producing goods for various manga and anime works.


Produced fishing topwater lures in collaboration with “Tsurikichi Sanpei” by Takao Yaguchi.
The project is a package of 200 limited edition lures and t-shirts created by lure builders from GENUINE RECORD, Gaulla Craft, VIS Lures and 4S.


2012 – 2016 MEDIUM FILM

Founded a video production company, MEDIUM FILM with a movie production team COMPO. He has produced a number of videos, including a documentary on Darren Emerson and the Belgian brewery BOSTEELS, and a promotional video for the Japanese electronic musical instrument manufacturer Roland.


2015 – Belgian Beer × Dance Music Festival

produced a festival with many Belgian beers and 50 musicians. YMO s fourth member Hideki Matsutake and Hisashi Saito’s LOGIC SYSTEM, and Takkyu Ishino of Denki Groove’s, KEN ISHII, Q’HEY, DJ BAKU feat.Seiko Ito & NYANTORA (ex:SUPERCAR) performs.

In cooperation with the Belgian Consulate, a festival of Belgian beer and 30 musicians Produced by Hideki Matsutake, the fourth member of YMO, as well as Takkyu Ishino, Ken ISHII Seiko Ito and NYANTORA perform.


2015 – 2018 WONDERTHROW Co.,Ltd

Founded WONDERTHROW Co.,Ltd in 2015 in order to expand its manga and anime licensing business. The company has developed multiple businesses, including a design office, video production, manufacturing, printing and licensing business.


2017 – SYNCiLOW

Two EPs have been released on French deep techno label APNEA. The remixes include Poul Wolinski of 65DAYSOFSTATIC and Spain’s fono and Japanese musician NORIAKI KIHARA. Artwork by Koji Morimoto, animation director for director Katsuhiro Otomo [AKIRA].


2018 – Agency of PLETHORA MAGAZINE

Established REC TOKYO, the agency for Danish art magazine PLETHORA MAGAZINE. Launch. Became creative director. Began representing foreign writers in exhibitions and magazines.


Director of Whole Universe

Joined a board member of Whole Universe, an art and science based organization. He has been involved in a variety of projects including media production, exhibitions and conference planning.